Having certain experience and outlook of our own we strive to translate our attitudes into the outer environment. We are a community of people who strive to develop common attitude to life and common philosophy through everyday communication in our work process. Kindness, decency, mercy, mutual assistance, trust, culture, intelligence and many other human values are our guidelines that we strive to promote in making our world better.


We adhere to the strategy of continuous improvement which assumes a balance between economic and social components of our activities:

  • We develop the cost of our company with outstripping growth rates as compared to our competitors;
  • Every day and every hour every one of us makes extra efforts in his work to achieve better results and exceed expectations of our customers;
  • We use our knowledge and experience to ensure steady development and continuous growth of our company with consideration of all interests, including those of the shareholders, customers, employees, partners and society in the whole;
  • We are the company with a significant and notable presence in our business segment;
  • We are a comprehensive participant in the iron and steel market;
  • We are a leader company striving to become an example for everyone, we are a group of professionals both in business and in human relations;
  • We are innovators with the motto: ‘Saying “NO” to changes means becoming a footstep for the competitors taking them higher’.