Metallic manganese

Manganese of technical grades (95– 99.8 % Mn) is called metallic, it is produced by the silicothermic or electrolytic methods. In some countries, metallic manganese is produced by the aluminothermic method.

This type of ferroalloy is used to smelt stainless steel. It replaces deficient nickel during steelmaking. Furthermore, it improves wear resistance and tensile strength of steels.

Only traces of foundry facing and oxide films are allowed in lumps of Mn95 (Мн95) grade metallic manganese. No contamination with sand, slag or other materials is acceptable.

Mn95 grade metallic manganese is produced in lumps weighing not more than 15 kg. Additionally, if the amount of lumps is more than 15 kg in mass, it is limited to 3 % of the batch mass. Amount of fines passing 10-mm sieve should not exceed 10 % of the batch mass.

Metallic and nitrogen-bearing manganese is packed in special containers, metal drums or wooden boxes. Mn965 (Мн965) and Mn95 (Мн95) grades are supplied in abundance.