Silicocalcium is used in steelmaking and secondary metallurgy. It ensures the minimum number and the optimum form of non-metallic inclusions and a high degree of deoxidation. At the same time, it increases the strength of rolled, forged and cast steel products.

Contamination with sand, slag and other foreign materials is not allowed neither on the outer surface or in the fracture zones of silicocalcium lumps. Oxide films and lime tarnish are acceptable on the surface.

Silicocalcium is delivered as per size classes mentioned in the specification. It is transported in steel drums or in special containers. When packing, moisture penetration should be excluded.

Transport of СК10, СК10Р, СК15 and СК15Р silicocalcium grades of the third size class in the unpacked state is allowed in abundance and using open means of transportation.