Marketing analysis

Marketing analysis, iron and steel market research.
  • Market research: studies of basic market rates, segmentation, analysis of risks, market development tendencies, etc.
  • Study of market components: supply and demand, price levels, sales, etc.
  • Analysis of customers: target audience and consumption behavior.
  • Analysis of competitors: market shares, assortment, pricing, sales, advertisement policies, etc.
  • Development of a marketing strategy: pricing, identification of market outlet, etc. (4P+ concept).

Consulting services.

Consulting services.
  • Education in theory and practice of metallurgical processes.
  • Consulting in new projects, products and innovative technologies.
  • Project expertise.
  • Consulting in sales strategies in Russian and International markets for various metallurgical products.
  • Consulting in procurements system build-up at a metallurgical company.
  • Other consulting in ferrous metal industry.

Scientific research

Scientific research in ferrous metal industry.
  • Collection and processing of scientific information for a particular research.
  • Consolidation of previous research results.
  • Preparation of analytical overview for a particular research.
  • Identification of possible directions in finding solutions for the research tasks, their comparative assessment.
  • Mapping of anticipated values of new products and technologies after implementation of the research results.
  • Evaluation of approximated economic effect of the new product or technology.
  • Making experiments and processing obtained data.
  • Comparison of results of experiments with theoretical research.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Recommendations for further investigations and experimental design activities.
  • Development of draft specification for experimental design activities.